RefWorks 2.0 is here!!

RefWorks 2.0 is here!  The new interface is now available for Lawrence Tech users. It has the same functionality but has been completely redesigned incorporating 2.0 capabilities and is much more user friendly.  The traditional or “Classic” version will continue to run for the remainder of 2011 and will be the default for several months.  RefWorks 2.0 works with Write N Cite, RefShare and RefGrab-It, although these modules have not yet migrated to the new interface.

To access RefWorks 2.0, log into your account and click on RefWorks 2.0 in the toolbar beside the “Welcome” statement.  All of the citations and folders in your account will automatically be available in RefWorks 2.0.  Once you have switched to the new interface, it will remain your default unless you change it back to “Classic”.  The option to move back and forth between the two interfaces will be available until December 2011.

Below is an example of the “look” of the same folder in Classic and 2.0

RefWorks “Classic”:

RefWorks 2.0:

The folks at RefWorks have prepared the following to help you get started.  These are also posted on the Library Wiki in the RefWorks folder along with other tips for using RefWorks.

If you have any questions, please contact the Lawrence Tech Library at 248-204-3000 or

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