English Comp: Library Tips

Lawrence Tech Dog

Lawrence Tech Dog

Where is the library?

Who are we?

Top Information Resources

  1. Books, DVD’s, magazines, ebooks at Lawrence Tech
  2. Order books from MeL – Free delivery from all over MI.  Learn how to request items
  3. Interlibrary Loan (For really difficult to find stuff.

My Paper is Due Tomorrow!

  1. eBooks
  2. Lots of full-text digital content! Off-campus?  Login to Blackboard first, then click “Library Services” at bottom right to authenticate)

How do I find credible information?

Hidden Gems at the Library

  1. Study Rooms
  2. Free Printing and Computer Lab (with scanners)
  3. Yearbook Archival Photos
  4. Suggest a Library Purchase
  5. 100+ Feature Films/DVD’s


Natalie Zebula, Reference Librarian
email: refdesk@ltu.edu
phone: 248-204-3000


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